Company Profile

Our company was started in 1994, with the goal to facilitate direct delivery. This means that we will not wait until the vehicle is full and/or the route is complete:


This strategy has made us a company with more than 25 years of experience and over 30 available vehicles, operating from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.


To ensure the safety of our drivers and your goods, we also use a Tracking & Tracing system next to Class 3 alarm systems. For this we use europetrack. This is a service that makes it possible to monitor our vehicles. Real-Time Monitoring plays a major role.
Therefore we are able to:

  • automatically maintain an administration of the ride and;
  • apply real-time tracking and tracing.
This is how we keep a good eye on our drivers and your goods.

Certification & Permits

Leffelaar transport has the correct certification and permits to transport your goods properly. You should think of, among other things:

  • NIWO Euro permit;
  • Air Cargo Security;
  • Member of ACN;
  • Member of TLN.
If you would like to know exactly what this means for you and your goods, check out the following link: Certification & Permits.


Leffelaar transport offers the following services, among others:

  • (Inter-)National express transport;
  • Livestock;
  • On Board Courier;
  • Yacht Deliveries;
  • White glove shipments;
  • AOG aircraft on ground;
  • Art;
  • High tech;
  • Medical.

  • Address

    Aalsmeerderdijk 151
    1438 AX Oudemeer
    The Netherlands

  • Phone / E-mail

    +31 (0)20 6535890 (office hours)
    +31 (0)6 53247954 (24x7)

  • Transportation

    Domestic transport according AVC conditions.
    Foreign transport according to CMR.

  • Chamber of Commerce / V.A.T.

    C.o.C. Amsterdam: 33259952
    V.A.T. no.: NL819499456B01

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more or request a quotation without obligation, you can always contact us.